The Palm Reader

I was flying home from a work assignment.  Exhausted from two long days of work.  Morale of the story was that I was excited to fall asleep on the plane.  I sit down and close my eyes all cozy in my lovely middle seat.  Next thing I know a man has sat down beside me and started informing me that i look intelligent.  Who knew that tiredness reflected IQ.  I knew I was in for a long ride.

We casually chatted at the plane prepped for take-off.  Once the place wheels lifted off the ground I closed my eyes.  Sorry sir, I’m so tired.  However, I could feel his eyes on me.  I glanced to my right and there he was looking at me and grinning ear to ear.  Slightly creepy.  So we started talking some more.

Again the conversation died down and I attempted to catch some Zzzs.  Failure.  He was there again.  Now I forgot to mention that he boasted that he knew how to read palms.  Since I was clearly not going to sleep on this plane ride I decided to let him go ahead and tell me about myself. I’ve never had my palms read.  Can’t say that I wasn’t curious.

My palm reading was informing me of my personality, not my future.  I learned several fun facts.

1) My sign is Air.  My opposite sign is Fire

2) I will either have very few kids or many kids

3) I’m apparently skilled in sketching

4) If a mechanical engineer drops to one knee and proposes I have to say yes (no he was not an engineer)

5) I’m confrontational

6) I’m very empathetic

7) I have such wonderful hands in regards to my personality

8) and moreeeeee

I had a great time chatting and listening to someone tell me about my personality.  While me might be skilled (I don’t know) I did just take things with a grain of salt.  We also discussed destiny, animal slaughterhouses and intelligence.

Oh the people I meet.  Stories I will never forget


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