Orlando Airport

Well I fail at writing posts. And now in at the Orlando airport. So let me fill you in on what’s going on.

1) I’ve been applauded on my eating ability. The waitress informed me that most people can usually only down two pieces of pizza. She was happy to see I was about halfway through the entire thing.

Thank you… I think. I do love my food

2) Is it appropriate for me to go over to a corner and work in my hip flexor flexibility? I’m quite tempted to go and sit in the frog position in pain for the next hour.

3) I want to sleep. But I’ll sleep past boarding must wait

Well all that was boring. More later. Perhaps past trips as well


My Neighbor Bellow

I listen to the bass echo from the floor.  I feel the floor vibrate underneath me  Yes I’m laying on the floor.  I’m too tired to move, but that’s another story.

I’ve never met this man.  But I hear him all the time. Well his music and movies.  I’m jealous of his sound system.  Is he deaf?  I know he works on his car in the garage.  Freaking loud motor signals me when he’s out and about. 

Maybe I’ll learn more about him as the months go by.  Until then, that’s all I know!

Cheers and good night

The Palm Reader

I was flying home from a work assignment.  Exhausted from two long days of work.  Morale of the story was that I was excited to fall asleep on the plane.  I sit down and close my eyes all cozy in my lovely middle seat.  Next thing I know a man has sat down beside me and started informing me that i look intelligent.  Who knew that tiredness reflected IQ.  I knew I was in for a long ride.

We casually chatted at the plane prepped for take-off.  Once the place wheels lifted off the ground I closed my eyes.  Sorry sir, I’m so tired.  However, I could feel his eyes on me.  I glanced to my right and there he was looking at me and grinning ear to ear.  Slightly creepy.  So we started talking some more.

Again the conversation died down and I attempted to catch some Zzzs.  Failure.  He was there again.  Now I forgot to mention that he boasted that he knew how to read palms.  Since I was clearly not going to sleep on this plane ride I decided to let him go ahead and tell me about myself. I’ve never had my palms read.  Can’t say that I wasn’t curious.

My palm reading was informing me of my personality, not my future.  I learned several fun facts.

1) My sign is Air.  My opposite sign is Fire

2) I will either have very few kids or many kids

3) I’m apparently skilled in sketching

4) If a mechanical engineer drops to one knee and proposes I have to say yes (no he was not an engineer)

5) I’m confrontational

6) I’m very empathetic

7) I have such wonderful hands in regards to my personality

8) and moreeeeee

I had a great time chatting and listening to someone tell me about my personality.  While me might be skilled (I don’t know) I did just take things with a grain of salt.  We also discussed destiny, animal slaughterhouses and intelligence.

Oh the people I meet.  Stories I will never forget